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Brand New Audio/Video Equipment

You can purchase brand new broadcast equipment directly at our showroom. We have wide range of items including well known brands and latest broadcasting items from overseas.

Used Pro Video Equipment!

Sometimes you don’t want to invest on brand new shooting equipment and that’s why we are offering our second hand but in good condition items at our showroom for your preference.

Try it before you buy it!

Stop by our showroom to check out our examples of professional video shooting systems for your reference. You can also explore about latest global products in video industry and discuss with our team about how to shooting more professional videos.
You can also customize your system example to try!

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Live streaming with the latest technology!

Smart-Telecaster ZAO and Smart-Telecaster ZAO-S are hardware based H.265 encoders with Soliton’s special RASCOW technology

The Most Powerful Mobile Encoder; Smart-Telecaster ZAO

Innovation in your streaming bag

Smart-Telecaster ZAO has changed the way we do live broadcast. ZAO has hardware-based encoder chip on which it runs HEVC/H.265 codec and it combines this latest encoding technology with Soliton’s RASCOW protocol which is the main controller of live video transmission.


Our team can professionally shoot videos of events, stream live, edit videos according to your preference.


Our awarded photographers and videographers are happy to serve you for your commercial including all services upon request.

Experienced Team

We are videographers, photographers and editors. Our professional team is ready to serve your production needs.

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